A #MINGA is about working together

for the betterment of all.

It's a way of life in Ecuador. When a #MINGA is called, men and women, children and elders, drop what they're doing and rally together to complete a project for the benefit of the their community. It's about building a better future. It's about teamwork.

Ecuadorian Woman Hammering

The word #MINGA doesn't exist in the English language. But it will.

Ecuadorian Woman Hammering

How It Works

Gather Your Friends

We help you gather 33 of your friends, family, and colleagues to join your #MINGA and give $3.33 (a latte) a day for 3 months. Together, that adds up to $10,000.

Adds up to $10,000

That $10,000 will go directly towards providing education, clean water and sanitation, healthcare initiatives, alternative income programs, and food security to the children and families in Mondaña, Ecuador.

The village gets built

Over the next 3 years, sit back and watch as the village of Mondaña transforms. We’ll send you photos and updates to track the progress. And anytime along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Mondaña with your friends and family and see the lasting impact your #MINGA has made, together.

What your #MINGA will look like

Mark Ameerali just started a #MINGA and is on his way to raising $10,000 that will help transform the village of Mondana.

Take a peak at his campaign to see how your #MINGA will look when it goes live. Check out the donation page, and see how easy it will be to inspire your friends to join your #MINGA.

Here's What You And Your Friends Will Get

When you start a #MINGA for Mondaña, you'll literally get to watch a village transform before your eyes.

Photo and video updates as each project gets built, as well as profiles on the students impacted by your #MINGA.

An annual village report to keep you updated on the progress over the next 3 years and a personalized ‘Thank You’ video from Mondaña to share with all of your donors.

A certificate to hang on your wall to commend your awesome-ness, banners and badges for your various social media accounts, and last but not least, a tax receipt.

A personal invitation to join us on an annual trip to visit the village of Mondaña, where you’ll see the impact your #MINGA has made and meet the families who first showed us what #MINGA means.

Frequently Asked Questions