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Our impact so far: $781,675 raised
Children impacted: 78,168
Projects funded: 78
"It was the most fulfilling experience I've ever had! I can't believe it only took 3 hours."
$10,799 raised for a school in Kenya
"We had so much fun bringing our friends together & what we can all do together with less than a cost of a cup of coffee a day."
Val & Judy, business partners in Vancouver
$9,992 raised for a school in Kenya
"I can't wait to go to Kenya to see the school we funded & meet the kids that will get to attend this school!"
Jason, a 28 year old From Philadelphia
$10,147 raised for a school in Kenya
"This was a no brainer. I sent it to my friends & my clients & I was blown away with how many people wanted to join my team."
$10,300 raised for a school in Kenya
"It took 4 days for us to fund a school... Change Heroes is going to change the world."
David, an advertising executive from Los Angeles
$11,375 raised for a school in Kenya
"This was literally the coolest experience of my life! Knowing that over 1,000 children will be educated because of us is indescribable."
Elton, entrepreneur
$20,600 raised for two schools in India
featured campaign

What your campaign will look like

Andria Lew is on her way to building a school in Kenya that will impact thousands of kids.

Have a look at her campaign to see how yours will look when it goes live. Check out the donation page, and see how easy it will be to inspire your friends to join you.


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How it works

33 of your friends give $3.33 (a latte) a day for 3 months

That adds up to $10,000

You fully fund a school for 1,000 children

Collecting your Funds
Your friends' credit cards are charged once per month for 3 months. Once all funds are collected, it's time to match you up with a new school project!

Discover your Village
Within 3-6 months of your funds being collected, you'll be given a beautiful website of the community receiving from your school. It’s regularly updated with photos, videos, and stories, for you to see the impact you've helped make.

See Your School
When your school has been built, you'll receive photos of the completed schoolhouse filled with smiling students thanking you for giving them a clean, safe place to learn!

Visit the Kids
These schools are built to last for decades and you can visit your school anytime. You can even help build it if you like. See here for more details.

Everything is taken care of

Community Integration

The school will be built in partnership with local workers using local materials.

Holistic Approach

FTC villages includes agriculture, water, sanitation, medical & women's programs.

Teaching Standards

Students learn the prescribed curriculum in their country by professional teachers.

More Than a School

Students learn about finances, gender equality, and empowering life decisions.

Here is what you are getting

A beautiful colour certificate of thanks for you to display in your home and office

A community update website where you’ll be able to receive profiles, updates, photos, sometimes videos, stories from the community on the ground that is updated every 6 weeks.

Photos of our school and the kids we have helped educate and empower and Facebook cover photos featuring our project

An invitation to go on a trip to Kenya to see the school we built together