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How It Works

Gather Your Friends

We help you gather 33 of your friends, family, and colleagues who give $3.33 (a latte) a day for 3 months.

Adds up to $10,000

Together, that adds up to $10,000 — that's all it takes to fund the construction of a fully sustainable school.

Fund a School

Once your funds are collected, 1000 children will receive access to education and a beautiful school for the next 25 years.

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What your campaign will look like

featured campaign

Tamara Robertson is on her way to building a school in Kenya that will impact thousands of kids.

Have a look at her campaign to see how yours will look when it goes live. Check out the donation page, and see how easy it will be to inspire your friends to join you.

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Our Implementing Partner

Free The Children (FTC) is an international charity and educational partner. This incredible organization will carry out the work of building the school that you and your friends fund through our platform. Change Heroes has researched FTC in depth and has even visited many of the villages that will receive your school. Free The Children is consistently among the top-rated charities and their administrative costs of 9-10% are among the lowest in the industry. They are innovative, business minded, and have built over 650 schools all over the world.